Does Fear Motivate?

alt: 2 doodles point and laugh at another doodle, who’s making a funny face. A 4th doodle wags their finger and says, “You better quit or your face will stick like that!”

Remember when you were young and folks will inform you, “Don’t roll your eyes or they will get trapped there!” This, dear readers is a traditional case of a fear appeal. Have you heard of 10 ways to communicate more effectively?

A panic charm is a persuasive message that emphasizes the possible threat or hazard of an action (or a non-action) so as to inspire behavior change. Besides classic “parent-isms,” these kinds of appeals are widely utilized in political campaigns, advertising efforts– and – you guessed it –    general health!

Stress appeals’ impact is up for discussion    –   and it can be complicated to utilize fear appeals efficiently. After all, we’ve certainly noticed a few instances of messaging.


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