A hammock’s swinging motion synchronizes brain waves, allowing people to doze off faster and attain a deeper state of sleep. It supports the ancient–and still very much alive–tradition of rocking children to sleep.
A comfortable way to lounge, you can now choose Slack Jack’s range of relaxing, stylish and reliable hammocks that are sure to help you de-stress and relax. Handmade with quality cotton yarn and fibers which are Weather resistant and UV stabilized, our durable rope hammocks come in various dimensions. From cotton fabric hammocks to quilted comfort, basket weave pattern and camping hammocks too – you have a wide range to choose from. The ultimate in relaxation, Slack Jack hammocks can be hung indoors and outdoors too.
You can now buy Slack Jack hammocks online and get them delivered at home. Among the list of products available online are Hammock Accessories like chains, hooks and hammock stands, Rope Hammocks that are weather-resistant and ideal for Outdoor Lounge, Fabric and Quilted hammocks that are the ultimate in comfort and Camping Hammock you can take anywhere. Also check out our Polyester Rope Hammocks, Cotton Rope Hammocks and Cotton Fabric Hammocks.
Hammocks are not just for relaxation, but have many health benefits too! Medical research has revealed that the angle of recline on a hammock is not just good for the spine, but it also facilitates easy breathing and improves the quality of sleep. A new study suggests that swaying in a hammock will not only help you fall asleep faster, but also make you sleep more deeply, than napping on a stationary bed or couch. Swiss researchers monitored the brain activity of 12 men during a 45-minute nap on a stationary bed and a nap of the same length on a gently rocking bed designed to simulate a hammock. It was found that when they were in the “hammock,” the men drifted off to sleep one minute faster on average, and entered a deeper stage of sleep more than three minutes faster than when they napped in the still bed.
The swinging motion and spinning motion of the hammock stimulates the cerebral cortex, thereby increasing a person’s ability to focus and concentrate. It is said that the swinging and spinning benefits impatient readers too, by helping them concentrate. The hammock would be perfect for anyone who suffers from lack of concentration or focus.
Lying in a hammock can help relieve some of the pressure off your muscles. The hammock adjusts and moulds to the weight and shape of the body perfectly, providing support to the body and removing pressure points. This lets the muscles of the body to relax and allows the blood to flow to all body parts… helping the body to relax and heal.

Ashish Bhatt is a blogger, traveller and adventure junkie, keen on experiencing the finer things in life. And in between work, travel and weekends, Ashish loves his slack jack hammocks and swings and is keen to convert whoever he comes across to the world of ultimate hammock relaxation.

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